Terms of Hire

By hiring Cherished Roadster's Classic cars all drivers agree to use the vehicles in an appropriate safe manner giving due care and attention to maintaining the integrity and condition of these classic/iconic vehicles at all times. 

Drivers will be charged for all forms of loss, abuse, misuse and any damage beyond fair wear and tear.

Terms of Hire 

The following is not permitted.

Enjoy your driver experience.

*Excludes windscreen/non-UK drivers 

Breakdown and Recovery: Adverse Weather - ice and snow.

Breakdown and Recovery: 

In the event a breakdown please cease driving the vehicle as soon and safely as is possible; please notify us immediately and contact the breakdown service company.

Adverse Weather - ice and snow.

The use of our classic cars on heavily salt/gritted highways is not permissible; consequently, and at our discretion, we will either:- 

- defer the booking to an alternative date, 

- cancel the booking with full refund or 

- Offer an alternative vehicle. 

There will be no additional charges and Cherished Roadsters cannot be held liable for any consequential loss.

For more information please email cars@cherished-roadsters.co.uk 

Telephone 01730 239833