Terms of Hire

By hiring Cherished Roadster's Classic cars all drivers agree to use the vehicles in an appropriate safe manner giving due care and attention to maintaining the integrity and condition of these classic/iconic vehicles at all times.

Drivers will be charged for all forms of loss, abuse, misuse and any damage beyond fair wear and tear.

Terms of Hire

  • All cars will be subject to a refundable safekeeping deposit: for UK licence holders currently £750.00

  • Rates include our collision damage waiver package*.

  • A booking deposit of £50.00 will be taken for each day for which reservations are made.

  • Approximately 14 days before the event we will ask for the details of employment full/time part-time. Proof of the drivers’ identity (e.g. a copy of passport). Proof of address (e.g. a utility bill) plus telephone number. A copy of the drivers’ licence, - Additionally, permission will be required to access driver details as held on the DVLA website.

  • The original drivers’ licence/utility bill will be required for inspection on the day of hire.

  • One week before the drive date we will make contact to collect the remainder of the hire tariff/insurance cover and the refundable safe keeping deposit for the vehicle.

  • Payment by credit card/debit card only please.

  • The vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel, please return with a full tank to avoid additional charges (currently 50p/55p mile).

  • Day hire = 10am to 6pm (Sundays by agreement) - for multiple day bookings the car can be kept overnight at secure parking facilities.

  • Included Mileage 150 per day; additional mileage @ 50p per mile.

  • Published hire rates are for one driver: additional Drivers from around £40 per day:

  • Minimum driver age: MG Sports Cars 24: Porsche 25. Rover-MG 216 Cabriolet 25 (24-year-olds plus 5% - 8% loading on standard rates)

The following is not permitted.

  • Driving the vehicle when unwell or unfit - from what ever cause.

  • Using vehicles for hire and reward, racing, pace-making, speed testing or any contest, reliability or speed trials.

Enjoy your driver experience.

*Excludes windscreen/non-UK drivers

Breakdown and Recovery: Adverse Weather - ice and snow.

Breakdown and Recovery:

In the event a breakdown please cease driving the vehicle as soon and safely as is possible; please notify us immediately and contact the breakdown service company.

  • Do not allow anyone unauthorized by Cherished Roadsters to attempt to rectify the problem.

  • If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside we will be arranged for the drivers and vehicle to be returned to base - we will endeavour to provide an alternative vehicle.

  • Due to the age and intrinsic nature of the vehicles offered, Cherished Roadsters cannot be held liable for any consequential loss in the event of any breakdown;

Adverse Weather - ice and snow.

The use of our classic cars on heavily salt/gritted highways is not permissible; consequently, and at our discretion, we will either:-

- defer the booking to an alternative date,

- cancel the booking with full refund or

- Offer an alternative vehicle.

There will be no additional charges and Cherished Roadsters cannot be held liable for any consequential loss.

For more information please email cars@cherished-roadsters.co.uk

Telephone 01730 239833