Stunning MGF VVC for Hire  - the easy to drive Iconic 'modern' all British MG sports car

A classic example of an Iconic MG MGF

Not only does our MGF look stunning – it also drives brilliantly with excellent performance and  handling characteristics. 

This  Iconic  British MG sports car is unique having Hydragas suspension. This  system provides the MGF with excellent handling characteristics. 

The MGF is a mid-engine sports car  with rear wheel drive. It is powered by a 1.8 16-valve VVC engine 

MGF: the  Iconic MG Roadster:  easy-to-drive MG sports car with excellent  performance  and handling

The MGF  was the first “all-new” MG sports car to be produced by MG  in 1995.

This open top MG Roadster has excellent factory fitted safety features including power-steering, ABS, electric windows etc. The hood is simplicity in itself to operate.

For those who prefer an easy-to-drive MG sports car with excellent  performance the MGF is the ideal choice.

Try Cherished Roadsters MGF and see why, in its era,  it was top of the  charts for affordable sports cars.