MG Z,Z,Z Models 


Within the UK classic cars are normally deemed to be vehicles over 40 years old. 

The DVLA also describe vehicles of such heritage as Historic.

Iconic cars of around 20 years legacy are frequently described as a near Classic cars. 

Mainly for insurance purposes.


The MG Z,Z,Z models (MG ZR, MG ZS and MG ZT) are amongst the last MG cars to be produced in the UK by the British MG marque (then owned by the MG Rover Group 2000 - 2005) before ownership of the MG marque and production was taken over by the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation.

Cherished Roadsters have all three MG Z,Z,Z models on their fleet.

MG ZR 5 Door  Hatchback


MG ZS 5 Door Hatchback

Quad-cam 2.5

MG ZT- T Estate 

Quad-cam 2.5

The MG ZT has full 5 seating capacity complete with seatbelts.

The above MG ZT–T is fitted with the V6 quad-cam engine.


The Postfix “T”  to our 21-year-old MG ZT-T indicates it is a Tourer or Estate car. It is in regular use by the owners of Cherished Roadsters. It is in good condition with minor paintwork blemishes. 

Consequently, the MG ZT could readily be made available for hire. Please see the photographs below: