MG Midget

MG Midget: Britain's favourite wee Classic MG Roadster

Exclusive to Cherished Roadsters

Red MG Midget Hire

The MG Midget - a small packet of fun on four wheels;

The engine purrs away.....put your foot down and - “feels like a pocket sized Ferrari”

(customer feedback).

Are you agile enough to fit into the little cars’ distinctive cockpit? - it feels like you are flying;

Excellent condition for an ‘olden’: Easy Folding Hood: Our Red MG Midget is a pleasure to drive.

MG Midget: easy to operate convertible

A pleasure to drive through the countryside

Breathe in the country air drive back into the past.

Perfect MG roadster for those narrow quite country lanes - you can hear the birds singing!

Our MG Midget has the original 1493cc engine with twin SU carburettors and four speed gearbox; the original chrome trim sets off the classic roystle wheels.