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Cherished Roadsters: classic fun on wheels!

We share our costumers experiences – almost without exception they are ecstatic!

What a brilliant experience - Here is a selection.

Tom and Iona first experience driving Classic Cars! They had great fun

They took the MGB GT out for along weekend - Friday to Sunday February 2022

They drove via A Roads through the Savernake forest to the Cotswolds - Cirencester and beyond to Bristol.

The travelled over 300 miles and "Black Beauty" did not miss a beat .

  • "What a fantastic drive !"

  • "We a lot of compliments about the GT"

We will be back ............

Tom setting out in the rare 1968 MGB GT Auto

Nick enjoys driving different classic cars - so hires to spread the fun!

Nick prefers to hire classic cars so he can experience different Models.

Here is Nick and wife returning the Midget at the end of a great drive through t he South Downs

  • What a great little car !

Alex Thompson's 70th Birthday surprise - May 2021

His daughter Rebecca, hired the MGB GT for her father’s birthday surprise - dad owned one and regularly reminisces.

What a surprise on the great day when it was delivered to his front door!

Here is Alex and Anne returning the car
– Alex was delighted
- the MGB drove brilliantly

James is a proud owner of an MG Midget for 4 decades plus. It has been in wraps in his garage - now's the time to get on the road.

Before embarking on bringing the car back to its former glory James took our stunning wee MG (Midget) for a test drive - fond memories!

- now on the restoration trail.

A very special weekend made even more memorable by this stunning MGB Roadster :

The Classic Sports Car to Drive

Guy and Sacinta had a short break in Cornwall:

The middle October 2020 (that Sunny weekend). They drove most of the weekend with the hood down;

Guys email to us on arrival:

“Just got to our AirBnB, absolute dream to drive, loved it!” - Preferred it to his BMW.

His parting words “let me know when you want to sell it”

Stephen's Birthday surprise - here is what he said:

Dear Peter
Thank you so much for the fantastic day Marina and I had in the MGB GT on Friday! It was so thrilling – as I hope I’ve expressed in the words below. I live in hope that I’ll still get to drive the Roadster sometime, too!

Very Best Wishes - Stephen

Stephen's review is below

Stephen and Marina in MGB GT

Peter Barton is a magician!
He may not have invented a time machine, but he does possess a number of cars which can transport you back to your long-lost youth. As a birthday surprise, my wife arranged for me to have a day driving Peter’s MGB GT, the car I had as a young man – and what a thrill it was! The car was immaculate; it was like meeting up with a former lover and finding only one of us had grown older!

We drove all day through the beautiful countryside of Hampshire and Sussex, seeing many of the sights I’d known as a child growing up in the area. It was a wonderful way to wander down memory lane, once again in the driving seat of an MGB GT.

Many thanks to my lovely wife for the idea, and to Peter for keeping his cars in such superb condition and making it possible!


PB reply -Thanks Stephen you are a pro: and

Brian's 60th Birthday surprise

A Cherished Roadsters MG Midget driving experience Gift Voucher (he owned one!)

Here is Brian's review

"I had my own Midget some 40 years ago.

Having a day out in the MG Midget, scooting round country roads, roof down in the glorious sunshine brought back many great memories.

What a brilliant little car.

Thanks to Peter at Cherished Roadsters for making sure that our the day went smoothly."

Rebecca's Birthday treat for Alex

"Everything about our hire of the MG GBT – a treat for my husband’s birthday – was perfect".

The car was sublime and ran perfectly.

Peter’s guidance, beforehand and on the day, was clear and helpful.

Peter (as well as the car!) really went the extra mile to make our weekend special
– even providing a CD selection of 60s hits to get us in the retro zone.

We didn’t stop smiling the whole weekend. Thanks so much, Peter. We’ll be back!

Lynda's Special day - Made fantastic by Cherished Roadsters MGB.

Here is her email

Dear Peter,

We had an absolutely fantastic day on Friday made all the more special by our drive in the MGB Roadster.

It all went perfectly. When we have some photos we will send them to you.

I have just been re-credited the deposit - thanks very much.

Best wishes,

Jack and Philippa celebrated their wedding anniversary with a day out in the MGB.

Here they are:

Jack and Philippa's wedding anniversary

Their first drive in a Classic car and an MG Roadster. They went out with the hood down and returned after over 130 miles - with the hood down.

Jack preferred Cherished Roadsters MGB to his BMW Series 3 – here is what he said:

"The B is a much more responsive motor - it drove well."