Rover MG Cabriolet

Rare Iconic family convertible by Rover-MG ("MGF Engine") with spacious baggage compartment

Iconic convertible four seater .

With its MGF functionality a very easy car to drive . The 1.6 engine performs well.

Factory fitted Class leading safety system - full rear seat belts - roll bar, - power assisted brakes and steering.

Full alfresco motoring - hear birds singing; have full 360° views of the scenery.

The electric hood provides a quick cover-up should it rain: when the sun shines promptly open it again .

An excellent rare timeless convertible with outstanding attributes - full of verve and bravado.

Four seater Cabriolet Wedding Car.

This Classic Rover Cabriolet is a full four seater car.

An ideal open-top car for proms, weddings etc. With the original factory pearlescent amaranth paintwork, it's a very photogenic car. Add a few colourful bows/ribbons to the roll bar and create your own personalised wedding car.

This rare four seater cabriolet makes the perfect Proms Car - Impress your friends by taking them with you.

An excellent rare and timeless convertible with outstanding attributes - ideal for those special family events!