Gold MGF Automatic

Stunning automatic MGF for Hire  - the easy to drive 'modern' all British MG sports car

A low milage classic example of the Iconic MGF

Not only does our Gold MGF look stunning. With less than 18,000 mile use it drives brilliantly - Like a new car!

Due to the unique Hydragas suspension it has excellent handling characteristics. 

With a mid-engine 1.8 16-valve  engine  coupled to the sports auto “gearbox” with six-speed sequential 'Tiptronic' transmission - it is a joy to drive!

MGF: the  Iconic MG Roadster:  easy-to-drive MG sports car with excellent  performance  and handling

The MGF  was the first “all-new” MG sports car to be produced by MG  in 1995.

This open top MG Roadster has excellent factory fitted safety features including power-steering, ABS, electric windows etc. The hood is simplicity in itself to operate.

For those who prefer an easy-to-drive MG sports car with excellent  performance the MGF is the ideal choice.

Try Cherished Roadsters  Gold MGF and see why it top of our  charts for a brilliant sports cars