Porsche 944 Coupé

Hire Stunning 35+ year old Porsche 944 Coupé - in near original condition

This Porsche Coupé is a real poser.

With it's styled bodywork its a stunning car to drive! - typically Porsche with excellent road-holding and stopping power.

The factory fitted automatic gearbox makes our Porsche coupé an easy to drive sporting coupé. The rear transaxle gearbox balancing out the front mounted engine gives predictable safe handling .

Appealing uncompromising sporting Porsche coupé .

A Rarity - there are less than 200 Porsche 944 Autos registered.

The Porsche 944 may not Fly:

The unique Porsche all-alloy 2.5-litre straight-4 water cooled engine gives a smooth powerful experience.

The engine has two counter- rotating balance shafts making this four-cylinder engine as smooth as a six-cylinder!

Our “porky” is smooth running and sounds sweet.

Other four-cylinder sports car engines can feel and sound “harsh.

An “unmolested” Stunning 35+ year old Porsche Coupé in near original condition.