MG ZR "Tiptronic"

The MG ZR - a car that should have never been - a great hot hatch that handles well

The last bespoke build MG production cars?

MG's engineers excelled themselves; they turned the modest Rover 25 into the "Ruffian" MG ZR - they worked magic.

Apart from the assertive spoilers and big alloys, the "25" was lowered by 20mm and fitted with stiffer springs and meatier dampers. With quicker and more accurate steering - one can pilot the beast more effectively. The bigger brakes and tyres means you stay on the road - not the verge.

Well done MG

The MG ZR: the last of the bespoke built MG's. A great little hot hatch that handles well.

Our 115bhp 1.8-litre MG ZR 120 is a true Hot Hatch. It is fitted with the racing style tiptronic direct variable drive gearbox. Clutchless gear changing whilst hanging onto the revs through winding roads is a breeze. It will outstrip our Porsche and wield its spoilers, bibs and skirts in an emphatic manner.

Try our MG ZR and see why it was Britain's best selling Hot Hatch!

A great hot hatch that handles well - the MG ZR can still outpace its competitors.