Cherished Roadsters

Health and Safety of Clients and Personnel - assessment and mitigation measures

In this pandemic, it is important that the health and safety of staff, clients and other personnel using Bryn Gardens and Cherished Roadsters vehicles are safeguarded against virus transmission and subsequent cross infection.

Identified transmission risks include the following:

  • Between visitors, clients, and other persons.
  • Between classic car hirers and users. (vehicle contamination)
  • Administration procedures (signing contracts etc)
  • Use of facilities.

The good news!

Mitigation can be achieved with good personal hygiene (hand washing etc), property cleaning and social distancing and with the use of PPE where this is not possible. PPE includes appropriate gloves, face masks and visors. All interaction between client and staff should carried out beyond “arm’s length”.

All Cherished Roadster personnel, clients and workers are to follow the guidance given. It is implicit that by hiring classic cars from Cherished Roadsters, clients agree to follow the guidance given below:

Safeguarding against virus transmission (Classic Car hire)

  • Anyone who exhibits any symptoms of Covid-19 including coughs and sneezes will not be able to enter the site or use classic cars. In the event of exhibiting symptoms immediately inform Cherished Roadsters and self-isolate. The hire cannot proceed. (Bookings can be deferred, or money refunded as appropriate*)
  • It will not be possible for vehicle sharing beyond those of the same household.
  • All persons entering the site are to sanitise hands.

- On arrival

- Before entering any building (access to buildings will be by permission and kept to a minimum)

- Before signing Documents

- Before handling cars

Sanitizing stations are adjacent to the entrance of the site and immediately outside the office and in the yard.

  • All communications will be carried out at least 2 m distance - if this is not possible face mask and visors as appropriate are to be worn. (Clients are requested to bring face masks for personal use).
  • Document signature: After sanitizing hands the client will be required sign documents. These will be placed on a clean work surface and, after signature, placed in the filing tray as appropriate – an unsigned copy of the hire document will be available to the client for their retention.

Before Vehicles are presented for hire by Cherished Roadsters, they will be sanitized ready for use.

During the hire period, and to maintain vehicle hygiene sanitizing hand gel and wipes will be provided for regular use by the client during the time of hire and before returning the vehicle.

    • Before entering/taking charge of vehicles client will ensure hands are sanitized - face masks are to be worn during vehicle instruction and familiarisation process.
    • During the period of hire clients will sanitize hands when re-entering the vehicle, particularly following visits to the public domain including service stations and the like.

On return of vehicles, sanitize hands, clear personal belongings and if requested, ventilate vehicles - place keys in receptacle provided.

Thanks for your cooperation.